Welcome to the Happy Zach website! Though the book is a work of fiction there’s truth sprinkled here and there like little treasures, because Zach is a real dog. It’s an inspirational story with beautiful imagery set at Christmas time.

I lost my father when I was nine – too young to process grief in a healthy way. In the story, young Emma loses her father, but she receives a message that brings the hope of restored comfort.

The world needs hope and a pathway back to joy. I invite you to visit the other pages on this site and get acquainted with us. I promise to post plenty of Zach’s photos, for, after all, “a little dog makes a big difference.”

You can go to my Contact page to order your copy.

Author: Nancy Drummond

Author of Happy Zach, my first book. Retired after 35 years as administrator of Drummond Machine, a former Oregon company, and pursuing writing as a second career. Earned BS in Art degree from University of Oregon.

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